Friday, December 14, 2012

IRS using Gestapo type tactics to raid; American's constitutional rights violated

This video shows the new trend in law enforcement -  para-military raids and the gestapo tactics are appalling.

Those that do not believe there have been changes which have taken away our freedoms, need to listen to the man that speaks about the reaction to Federal Agents denying his constitutional rights. 'Ryan Stacks the  company attorney was not allowed to sit in on interviews of employees or observe the searches of the company. This para-military raid was to obtain paperwork, and the gestapo tactics of the raiders toward the employees was unconscionable.

Starting about 7 minutes in  Mr Jerry Miler quoted what the "Feds" told him:
WE ARE THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. We can do what we want, when we want and there is nothing you can do about it "
Now  the man explains how he feels:
I was blessed to have a father that fought against  Nazi's in WWII. It's my generation's turn to fight, the problem is It's on this country we gotta fight."
 I am not a militant, they've thrown the constitution away, we did not have lawyers. I requested that a lawyer or corporate attorney be contacted ... They threw our liberties out the window, they treated us like third class citizens. IF people are not outraged they need to be. This used to be America Now it's not."

Watch the video below –  it is compelling and although it is a re-enactment it still protrays the fear instilled and the trampling of people's rights.  AT 9 minutes into the video, lawyer Tim Dudley explains that he believes the warrant for the raid was invalid, and that the items siezed  in accordance violated 4th amendment protocols.The detainment of employees exceeding the amount of time necessary to ensure the officer's safety.

Remember the law that Obama endorsed last year? It allows for indefinite holding of citizens without charge for those that are deemed terrorists.  It seems that attitude of not applying constitutional rights has been expanded to include IRS complaints and other non-violent charges. The right to have an attorney present or to know if you are being charged with a crime is sacrosanct and should not be given away to the Federal Government.

Still think people were exaggerating about the affects Obama suspending habeas corpus???????  Who can afford the cost to defend against these bully tactics by the Federal Government. Would you be able to stand up under a para-military raid?

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