Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Quiet Title Workbook is hot off the press! Learn how to do Quiet Title

As always I am an affiliate and do not guarantee results BUT, I know the man that developed this system and can vouch for his honesty and the fact that he has worked for years in the foreclosure fight. I wish we had had this package available during our fight! It is FINALLY here!!!!!

Price: $65.00 
The Quiet Title Workbook was created to help any individual have a clear understanding of what the foreclosure process is and how to overcome it.
  • Halt the foreclosure process and get the banks to dismiss the case with prejudice.
  • Learn about how Notary Complaints can help you win your case.
  • Use this step by step guide to fight the banks and the foreclosure mills
The Quiet Title Workbook 6th Ed. contains all of the above  and more. Purchase yours Today!  I do recommend going for the full product of all 19 templates ($400.00) because if you are going down the foreclosure fight path to save your home - you need all your ammunition. A package deal will save you almost a bundle compared to buying each individually. It will save you thousands compared to using a lawyer. Click here to view more details about the full package.

Although you can purchase this directly from the website, please use my affiliate link by clicking on the titles! Click here to view more details. Join John's weekly (click) TalkShoe webcasts.

Because I am an author, I am adding this caveat. This book, workshop and templates are not to be copied.Copyright law determines that copyright exists upon the creation of a work. If I see copied work I turn in a DCMA notice so please be forearmed with knowledge.

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