Monday, April 1, 2013

2 patriot soverign scammer jailed: USDOJ Cracksdown on Paper Terrorism!


Timothy Turner perhaps the most well known patriot movement scammer in the south and southwest went to jail late last year. Tuesday, March 19th news reported that two more scammers bite the dust. Ronald Wesley Groves, 71, and Donald Charles Mann, 56 were sent to prison, for filing false documentation and taking revenge on FBI agents who uncovered their latest scam.

IF YOU ARE involved in the sovereign citizen or patriot movement - rethink what your activities are,, who you are following and where you might end up. The message is clear.         

Early in March Judge Mueller sentenced Groves to 10 years in prison and sentenced Mann to 17.5 years in prison. Last week, U.S. District Judge John A. Mendez sentenced each man to one additional year in prison, for retaliating against the prosecutor and FBI agents via false lien filing on the homes of two FBI agents. Four liens were filed.

It seems the banksters are not the only ones falsifying and defrauding homeowners. Our local group was warned heavily about false filing of liens on homes as many game from  the patriot groups insisting  that it was legal and ethical to commit what is now referred to as paper terrorism some following their leader down a path headed straight to jail. Some were able to break free of the cultish movement and reverse bad decisions.

It is a form of paper terrorism (heck can we accuse the banks of that?) that costs the victims thousands of dollars to recover from,  according to the Anti-Defamation League report on the “Lawless Ones.”

Groves and Mann also were involved in financial scams– promising people that were hard up for cash – HUGE RETURNS on their money. Does this sound familiar? The men claimed that $101.9 million was owed to either Groves or Mann with $100,000 per day in penalties.

False financials are common in the sovereign movement – shadow banking and a new paper currency, false 1099 forms and more.  In this case the two men Groves, and Mann, bilked their followers out of $4.8 million which was used to help fund other fraud schemes such as a fake battery company or supporting an alternative presidential candidate. The men kept about $300K each. The scam ran for about 1 year in 2005-2006 and investors lost all their money.
The scam breakdown:
Groves and Mann formed an investment company MGS and  raised $4.8 million from 642 investors by promising extremely high rates of return on “international bank trades.”  The details were very secretive.
The investors were offered either  a 10 to 1 return (1,000 percent) on their investment within a matter of weeks; OR they were promised a 40 to 1 return (4,000 % in weeks).
Investors were told that if they were unable to execute a “bank trade,” the investors would receive their entire investment back plus 6 percent interest within 12 months.
Very few received back any of their money and most lost all of their investment.

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