Monday, April 15, 2013

$300 foreclosure settlement checks arrived today for some: Video Boston Marathon bombing

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WELL just heard from a friend that we all are rich... the foreclosure settlement check came in at 300 bucks.  Our personal check did not arrive - but my friend's check was in today's  mail.

WOW my sarcasm fails me. Most of the settlement went to administrative costs. Those giving all the information the 50 state A/G's needed to get their settlement didn't get one plug nickel back. It might interest those that don't know - simply filing a suit or answering an eviction notice costs about the same amount of money in AZ.  So I view this as a refund on extending the time in my home by a few months.  There is no way that 300 could make up for the tears, fears and trauma that the government allowed the banks to inflict with thier fraudulent actions. Not allowing a modification application, no time for a short sale nor good method to work a short sale out, no help, no fun. 

On a better note, it is only stuff, it is material stuff that doesn't matter, we are defined by our family friends and by God not by the things we own. There are people truly in more need than us - the Boston Marathon victims have our heartfelt condolences and sympathy. May the perpetrators be arrested and suffer a long slow tortuous jail term.  

According to a ScoopIt news aggregate, It was officially stated earlier today that this was terrorist attack: From - Today, 5:05 PM

A federal law enforcement official called today's fatal explosions in Boston a "terrorist attack" but said it wasn't clear whether a domestic or foreign group was behind it, CNN... US News Summaries.

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