Friday, October 10, 2008

No time today - but HANG IN THERE

WElll my time is tight today but the main thought that occurs to me is this one thing!

ONE THING: AMERICANS got us into this (with congressional help) and AMERICANS can get us out.

You see, there is no loss unless you take a loss. We can wait it out. Last crisis after Sept. 11 terrorist attack the economy tanked for a couple of weeks.

I remember friends on the question and answer forum saying they were spending all the money they could to get economy rolling. They were flying instead of caving into fear. WHAT WISDOM.

Today we need to not panic and keep on buying. It isn't that the stock market is tanking because of government, it is tanking because of FEAR. The stock market is all about perception.

I'll admit is hard not to be afraid when the news media hypes it all up.

I'll tell you this you have to be careful in your vote. It may sound good to have Obama saying he'll do it different but look at actions. I may lose a couple popularity points here but his charitable projects weren't all that successful and his foreign policies scare the heck out of me. I don't think we need to sell ourselves down the tubes for the economic crisis.

I think if Congress (and maxine waters I'll bet you are biting your tongue now) had dealt with the mess 2 years ago despite THEIR fears we would not have this financial meltdown now. Think about that while you are deciding your vote. research and look for information on it. Don't just take anyone's (not even my) word for it.

And all Democratic friends and family please don't get me wrong.
The media sold my family who are democrats down the tube by not vetting Obama the same way they have vetted Hillary or other candidates. THIS ACORN THING is about voter fraud and deciet and they have vested interest in Obama attaining presidency. They are tied to corruption. Obama was their LAWYER for crying out loud. Voter registration this big and hidden is not good. I don't want to offend my family and friends but research it out for yourselves- don't just listen to words.

Right now today people are panicked at news, but get this a lot of this is the OIL Companies and Insurance Companies taking a hit.. WEll duh, who want AIG, and with the economic crisis oil prices tanked (gas about3.05- 3.15 here) and so stockholders are out for profit!

POLL: Should the stock market have been closed for 2 days and an emergency congressional meeting convened? Before the automatic circuit breaker kicks in

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