Thursday, October 9, 2008

AIG cancels their SECOND PARTY

Well this isn't exactly election news but AIG exectitives have recently been brought to task by the media for the huge expensive vacations they took after the initial bailout loan or 85 BILLION dollars, YUP. 85,000,000,000 $$$. That initial bailout was followed by a second loan by government last week. another 38 billion or 38,000,000,000 $$$ For total of dare we say it OVER 1 Trillion dollars. YEP OVER 1 trillion.

Now I realize in the minds of an exec. half million for a vacation (440,000) is not any where near a trillion dollars. And, after all by spending that money they are paying local taxes and helping economy right? Doesn't help my mind any!

I'd like to participate in that kind of vacation benefit. I mean think of what kind of room and spa service you get for 4K per night. Since I am now, by government helps, a partial stockholder am I going to get that kind of vacation. I think at next stockholder meeting we should all proxy vote for that. Vacation package for all stockholders.

Not content, with being irresponsible once, AIG had planned another party for next week. Can you figure out what goes on in the brains of these guys... oh yeah we are zillions of dollars in the hole ... lets get a loan and go throw some parties.
Fortunately, media lime lighting that caused a change in plans.

Our leaders in government and the candidates running for office better get a little more passionate about this and threaten to draw blood if necessary. I can't believe how casually ALL the politicians are talking about this.

Meanwhile I, like others are caught in between. Lots of money tied up in an insurance policy to provide during retirement and/or death. To get the money back and withdraw all the fund. loses life insurance policy , which isn't easy all that easy to replace. To buy something like it coverage wise would usually include a two year limit on payouts in event of the unfathomable. I guess I'm talking to some term life guys today!

SHEESH. Basically I am wondering if I should try to get new life insurance and throw these guys away - or go apply for an executive job there. I like the benefits - I could use a massage.

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