Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Only one thing

The movie City Slickers with Billy Crystal had a great line, "Just one thing." I don't know that they ever found out exactly what that one thing was but last night reminded me of it.

The Just One Thing that I got out of the 90 minutes was that everyone wants to buy votes. Now that doesn't mean the motive is behind the proposals or that they are bad proposals etc. But I am struck by how AMERICA always wants to buy something.

What's in it for ME... I want Health care, I want NO taxes, I want this and I want that.

When we start focusing on the I wants the PRIORITIES are diminished. What is important and why.

The last few weeks should have taught us that. 2 years ago the Freddie Mac and Fannie May situation was apparent. There were warnings and they were ignored by a majority of Congress. NO ONE wanted to burst the housing bubble. I WANTED (personally) for the housing to continue going up. Now I want them to bail us all out of the equity loss. Well not having an income right now - do you blame me.

Now the choice is necessary... it's pay the mortgages or pay increased welfare. Like it or not we will pay, one way or another.

I stray but my point is I WANT is not just on wall street - it is woven in the fabric of all of us and when voting we need to prioritize what our values are and why its important.

Do you want to vote for health care to make it better personally or is education and training more important. I sit important to keep country safe from physical and financial terror or is it more important to investigate and draw blood from AIG execs? I say draw blood and keep country safe. Time will tell.

Can we, as McCain said do it all? I am so not sure that Congress is adept at handling more than one thing at a time. I really don't think Congress has the same priorities as I do. Just one thing - Time will tell.

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