Monday, October 6, 2008

WATCH THE DEBATES - then check the facts.


Well some of you know my views. But almost as important as voting is watching the debate and if possible the after debate information by FACT etc.

Getting the information you need and taking time to research on the internet is important. Media is fairly biased. and if you don't believe there is a bias just watch THE VIEW and the way the handle a disagreement.

At any rate you have to find information nowadays seeming on your own. Fact check and other gruops are dedicated to being non partisan.

If you have time you can check things out before the debate here are a few thoughts. Things have changed in the last month. Just look at some of the ideas I've pulled from one of my other post sites. ( and ( My pen name is Alrady

THE DEBATE IS TUES. OCTOBER 7th. 9pm eastern, 6pm pacific

Last month you would not have the hot topics of the NYT report on Obama and AYERS and O's launching his campaign from Ayers home. Or the political ad that Obama is running about the Keating 5 and McCain.

Would you have thought last week that you would be reading about the LA chapter of NOW's head Shelly Mandell that Shelly (individually) would lend support to PALIN. She recognizes that Palin cares about equal pay, children, women's lives etc. Look up her video.

Would you have two months ago had such topics as the economic bailout and the response of not only wall street losing 800 today (thank goodness they gained back 500) but markets WORLDWIDE being so negatively impacted by what is happening JUST THIS WEEKEND?

Would you have thought that WORLD CONTROL of financial markets is being considered?

Well there you have it enough material to write 500 articles and gain a few hundred dollars... Now If we all just had more hours in the day!

THE DEBATE IS TUES. OCTOBER 7th. 9pm eastern, 6pm pacific: CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX. . If you have cable/satellite: Fox News, CNN, MSNBC,

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