Friday, June 25, 2010

Dead end job? Get a grant for going back to school

Dead end job? Get a grant for going back to school

The reason I am including this today is that the unemployment rate is contributing to the massive loss of homes. Sincerely believing that the foreclosure waves are not over means that we have to do all we can to help insure our futures.

In the past people could do well even without a degree, now it is harder than it was even 10 years ago to make up the difference in payscales. If first jobs are hard to come by - pity the person needing a second job to make ends meet.

For those just out of High School, consider these things as you choose what you do over the next few months. For those of us that are restructuring work life and our financial future - I hope this helps.

Today Congress let go of extended unemployment benefits, which will further harm Americans that are out of work and barely holding on to their homes. I only hope this is not how they are paying for healthcare insurance.

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