Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fighting Foreclosure Seminar: July 10th 2010 Arizona

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The following was written by one of the group leaders of mortgage-challenge: yahoo group.

SEMINAR: YOU Don't want to miss this!!!!

Phoenix Arizona
July 10th and 11th
John Stuart and William McCaffrey

Mike Rothermel is hosting a SEMINAR on Saturday July 10th and 11th, 2010. John Stuart will be the main speaker. On Sunday, July 11th John will conduct a "Moot Court" that is a local weekly event.

John Stuart is to be the main speaker at the seminar and he has agreed to speak most of the day on Saturday about his "SHOW ME THE LOAN" doctrine, William McCaffrey will close out the day and they will hold the regular Sunday Phoenix Moot Court, with additional information, at this splendid venue.

The information John will speak of are His discoveries and theories, you will not get His information anywhere else except the mock court classes in Phoenix. You will learn about the banking and document fraud that proves conclusively you NEVER received a "LOAN" and the Banksters did "BUY" your Promissory Note. "Show Me the LOAN" is what We should be screaming. John will be going over why the "Show Me the Note" defense/offense should not work and is a moot point. He will explain how to go after the Banksters for the "Show Me the LOAN" concept, among other issues and topics relating to the fraudulent, felonious and criminal Foreclosure activities of the Banksters and their Attorneys.

William McCaffrey will take the floor for the last hour and a half of the Saturday session. He is an expert in the Banking industry and He testifies as an expert witness on behalf of homeowners regarding fraud committed by the banks. He will explain the mortgage pooling and servicing agreements, who really owns the note, and how loans are pooled into mortgage backed securities which are traded on the stock market!

The tentative schedule for the Saturday class will be 9am to Noon, lunch until 1:30 pm, and class until 6 pm with a couple of smoke and facilities breaks in both sessions. Sunday will be Moot Court, from 9:30am to 2 pm or longer if need be. John will grill the expert witness from the banks perspective and from the homeowners. If We go overtime, We have the Room for the day and will not be running You off, if You want to have further discussion.

The event will be put to DVD and sent to attendees. There will also be a library of educational materials, documents, examples of pleadings, and pertinent laws and case law will be provided on CD or DVD.

The Seminar will be at the Millennium Resort Scottsdale McCormick Ranch 7401 North Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, Arizona, Phone: (480) 948 5050 for room reservations. The Millennium Resort is offering discounted room rates of $69.00. Discounts on a Lakeside room for $89.00, 2 bedroom Villa for $149.00 or a 3 Bedroom Villa for $199.00 are also available, if You want to bring Your Family for some fun in the sun. The Seminar will be held in the Superstition Ballroom on July 10 and 11.

The resort has mountain views and is immediately adjacent to The McCormick Ranch Golf Club; the intimate lakeside retreat offers countless opportunities for fun and rejuvenation. Southwestern décor flavors each of the guest rooms and suites featuring spacious designs, andconvenient high speed Internet access. Check on the availability of the exquisite two and three bedroom condominium villas, presenting the ideal setting to relax or entertain clients. When you are in the mood for award winning cuisine, stop by Piñon Grill, our signature restaurant, or allow us to promptly deliver your meal. Just moments away, Scottsdale's excitement awaits, be it a visit to the Phoenix Art Museum, local Casinos, a desert jeep tour, or a casual game of championship golf. There will be copious tanning available free.

Please send Seminar payments, $400 donation [PayPal Gift] to support the ongoing and past efforts of a team of researchers and slaves to the cause. Send reservations and inquiries to PayPal to the - ... - should work fine. Let Me know if Your payments are being mailed to Michael Rothermel, P O box 102, Arlington, Arizona, 85322, so I can reserve a spot. Seating is limited to 210. I may be reached at 623-386-7449. [John's weekly class on Tuesday night is better than any seminar I have been to.]

Send response and registration to - ... -. A $400 donation [PayPal Gift] to the ... paypal account will put You on the attendance list and I will send a confirmation email. Email for updates mikesseminar@....

Thank You for Your attention, Our team wants to end this fraud, Mike.

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