Monday, August 30, 2010

August videos about mortgages, interest rates, homeowners and foreclosures

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I gathered these videos and do not necessarily endorse the video presented. It is presented for your information.

AUGUST videos on housing market if you dont' like one, there are more to chose from!

INterest rates lowest in decades. Is this good?

Foreclosures continue and increase month to month.

Prediction of 2 weeks to country crisis. Feds admit lost control of housing crisis and China foreclosed on us.

US Loan Auditors: of course we have auditors we recommend inthe Southwest, but this video was available.

Stay current is best advice. this guy wants to help you.

homes being foreclosed on faster and up by 9% various. Some reports seem to conflict. People working longer than the age of 65 has increased. GEE, wonder why, in this economy?

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