Monday, August 30, 2010

Save your home from foreclosure listings: steps

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Don't let your home become a statistic of the bank - listed on their FORECLOSURE LISTINGS.

This is not legal advice and it is not going to save your home on its own. YOU have to do a few things to have any chance of stopping a foreclosure. Do not allow your home to be sold out from under you - start as early as you can with these steps to increase your knowledge and ability to either represent your self or talk to lawyers and other professionals. There are so many scams out there and being organized helps keep you calm and focused.

START a notebook with all your documentation. Their notices AND envelopes in clear plastic in a notebook will help keep you organized.

SCAN all documents into computer. Thanks to Darrell yesterday I picked up a great tip to organize in folder on computer by MONTH/DAY/YEAR 12/05/1997

Get Loan and Foreclosure Documents examination. (see my pages for referrals or talk to people in groups for names of trustworthy examiners and/or lawyers)

Recorded Documents: Request in person or download every document on file by the state from online. Make sure you get them all, check any co-owner records also. Take pictures of your property periodically.

Go to the courts: If you are fighting foreclosure yourself or even if you have a lawyer - go to the courts and WATCH. Sit and listen and get familiar with how things operate. Do this even if you are not set to go to court. This may be useful even if you are only negotiating with banks. Do not let your house become prey to the foreclosure lists.

READ all you can and take your vitamins, exercise and pick up your mail. Get a copy of JurisDictionary course (even if you have to buy it) and learn about court procedures. Read about how to object .

Join Groups or Start Groups that fight foreclosure and exchange information and support each other at court. Get brave, do not be ashamed. One out of SEVEN in America are in your shoes; including celebrities and millionaires and even housing authorities, you are not alone.

DOCUMENT EXAMINATION: Get Loan and Foreclosure Documents examined. (see my referral pages) OOPS said it 2x. Must be a reason. OH YES, It is that important.

Attend a Seminar if possible. Labor Day Weekend is Show Me The Loan ($275 donation) and Sept 15th is free informational seminar (same place and time as last time). Hope to see you there. This is video link to a preview of one of the speakers on Labor Day - Bill McAffrey.

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