Sunday, August 29, 2010

Common Trial Objections Used in the US Courtroom

ARE you confused by court and what to object to??? Practice objecting before you go to court. Make sure you know the court rules but here are common objections and how they apply.

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Common Trial Objections Used in the US Courtroom: "American Government
- Trial Tactics Used by Attorneys in Court -
Common Trial Objections


'Objection, your Honor, the question is ambiguous.'

A question is ambiguous if:
It may be misunderstood by the witness. It is objectionable on the ground that it may take on more than one meaning.

'Objection, your Honor, the question is argumentative.'

A question is argumentative if:
It is asked for the purpose of persuading the jury or the judge, rather than to elicit information.
It calls for an argument in answer to an argument contained in the question.
It calls for no new facts, but merely asks the witness to concede to inferences drawn by the examiner from proved or assumed facts.

'Objection, your Honor, the question has been asked and">>>KEEP READING AND LEARN 10 ADDTIONAL OBJECTIONS

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