Sunday, August 29, 2010

Stop Foreclosure Before They Start The Foreclosure Process

Stop Foreclosure Before They Start The Foreclosure Process
: "After working as an attorney saving people from foreclosure, it became clear that if more people knew how to stop a foreclosure and took the proper steps earlier, far fewer people would lose their home. I have outlined ten things not to do if you want to stop your home’s foreclosure in the order that they should be addressed in the foreclosure process. Some start before trouble appears on the horizon and some can occur just before the foreclosure auction. I hope this article helps stop your foreclosure before it starts and if not that it helps stop you from losing your home to a foreclosure that could have been prevented.
1. Do NOT fail to accrue savings for an emergency.

Many wants and needs face each of us each day. Every dollar we earn seems to have its path determined before it comes to our hand. This often results in people putting aside little or no savings for a rainy day. Yet, rainy days do happen, that fact we know. I would love to see homeowners with six months of mortgage payments in savings. As a minimum people should have one to three months of mortgage payments as a reserve to help stop a foreclosure."

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This site will help you decide if filing a bankruptcy, doing a debt workout, doing nothing or paying your debt in full is the right way to deal with the money you owe your creditors. Debt and bankruptcy are serious issues. Read all of the FAQs that you can. Good Luck!

EDITOR: I do not know or endorse this site... I just liked some of the things presented.
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