Thursday, September 2, 2010


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read op/ed below

see part 1 of this series: VIDEO AZ LAWYER - loan mods
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I do agree do not be afraid, tell your story and I would add GET YOUR DOCUMENTATION ( and learn all you can. Are you fighting foreclosure or eviction????
You don't even have to be deliquent to learn and prepare.

Although they are focusing on the forcible eviction, Atttorney Doug Rhoades explains that you can represent yourself in eviction. This is great article. If you are deliquent start studying now and try to prevent the sale. See my link to yahoo's mortgage- challenge group.

If you need foreclosure or loan documents examined contact or contact me for referrals. Check out the upcoming seminar in Scottsdale (Show Me the Loan) this weekend for learning how to represent yourself in court. There is free seminar coming on Sept 15th for extra information in a comfortable setting (email: or contact me).

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