Sunday, September 12, 2010

Deeds of Trust -Invalid without Seal?

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Today, we were amazed as we learned about the newest theories in Mortgage Fraud. Today's theory is explained further down this post and the idea is that  that ALL Deeds of Trust (DOT's)  in the USA are invalid due to the absence of the maker/signor's seal.

Some of John Stuart's  recent theories have been substantiated by some attorneys and experts in banking; theories include:  did  you ever receive a loan,  is your promissory note  monetized; is the note invalid by being turned into a check with the stamp: "without recourse",  does your Deed of Trust contain proper signature date or notary fraud.  What we do know for sure is that  YOUR promissory note was securitized and sold for millions of dollars that you did not receive; which is part of the reason you cannot get your note back, because of this fraud. The Deed of Trust when separated from the Promissory Note is dead in the water and invalid.

We have seen,  in one court case, four "original" notes being presented to the judge as evidence of a loan.  Since the Deed of Trust would not be referring to FOUR "originals" it is invalid.  Will the Court state that? It remains to be seen. They did confiscate the note and turned it in for investigation. Will this be available for public record - I don't know, but you should keep a close eye on all the cases you can.

The fraud is rampant and it is up to you to prove it.  Many of the blogs to the right will explain various types of problems with notes and loans.Recently John Stuart pointed out notary fraud as well as document fraud in the filing of foreclosure documents.  Two weeks ago he pointed out how in Arizona,  for instance,  deeds of trust often have wording that indicates the document is to be signed and dated on the same day; and yet, notary seals are applied several days later.

BACK to our ORIGINAL topic: SEALS 
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Today, John Stuart was sharing his theory that all deeds of trust currently are invalid because they do not have your signature seal.  To understand why, you may need to Google search the word SEALS and see how, until recently, they were a part of your signature. Signed, Sealed and Delivered.  Right now, for the last 70 years we have only Signed and Delivered, but have not Sealed our signatures.

Does anyone think this will change anything?  Probably not, as lack of seals on signatures has been UNCONTESTED for over 70 years.  My experts agree with this  theory, but say its just not going to fly.  If you can figure out how to make this work for you, more power to you.  With the new age of digital seals, people may be back into understanding and designing their own signature seals.    Finding information is difficult but you can learn about it with a little effort. Wilkepedia does not go into depth but does touch on it.  I may order a signet ring similar to what is in the picture,  just in case!

I will be checking this all out, because wild or not John has been right on the money for his other theories. Until then,  I  thought you'd like this history lesson.

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