Thursday, September 30, 2010

PRO SE? Expert Kicked Butt in Court Yesterday WOWl

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Well that may not be the most official terminology for court, but it certainly describes what happened when our local Expert appeared in court yesterday.  Appearing not as Expert Witness, but in a much more challenging role: Defending against a motion to dismiss that was not even properly served.   

Cindy's was prepared, calm but willing to rumble and abilitiy to clearly lay out the evidence was impressive.  She took on the attorney who opened his mouth and lied.  SAD but true.  I am looking forward to being able to have her skill in our cases.    

This is the third really good happening in the PRO SE world that has been reported back.  PRACTICE and being prepared makes a difference.

If you are in need of expert witness in your PRO SE case and already have a document examination. Read her bio:  Cindy's Affadvit  and Witness Service.   

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