Thursday, September 23, 2010

Video news: I was in modification and they foreclosed without notice! Channel 12

I sat in court and watched as several people  in just one of the many courtrooms in Maricopa county said to the judge:   I was modifying my loan, I had no idea they were foreclosing.   This is a common theme.  Some even have letters showing the promise to not foreclose while modifying.   Banks do and will tell some customers that a short sale attempt will not stop foreclosure but they do not always tell customers they are at risk of losing home even with modification.

It is criminal to sit in court and people taking time off from jobs (which are hard to replace) are told they have to come back later for a hearing (with or without lawyer) to show anything they might have to prove the foreclosure was illegal   So not only are banks illegally obtaining homes by fraud, not working with the government to modify loans  they are also PRESUMED to have done everything correctly by the courts.  Given all the news reports I think any judge that PRESUMES  BANKS TO BE OPERATING CORRECTLY ARE not capable of judging.

We need over-site of government, banks and court procedures. The story above of MIKE is all to common. The comments by the Treasury is ASTOUNDING. Don't count on Mikes eviction being held for very long. Share this article by using the tweet and facebook links in righthand column.

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