Monday, October 4, 2010

Glad for our local pro se group

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I am so grateful to our local Pro SE group.   We meet a couple of times a week and many of you have been fortunate enough to watch webcasts of our meetings and PRACTICE or MOCK courts.   They aren't perfect but they do help prepare. 

Some of the topics we have covered have been coming up in media a lot:  

 CHAIN OF TITLE:   One woman in our classes CINDY has now become an expert witness in the chain of title and is quite capable of testifying.  The judges have seem to "appreciate" her ability to explain things. The lawyers dont' seem as amused.  She is in my referrals section  if you are needing title abstraction and an affadvit to explain it to the judge. 

NOTARY FRAUD:  Learned how to spot the signatures and notary fraud on our documents a few months ago and I'm deeply grateful as we are in a non judicial state.   This is the same kind of stuff that is happening from GMAC, BAC, CHASE and even WELLS 

SECURITIES:   The media is finally catching on about securities and how the notes were 'fractionalized" and that the WRONG parties are foreclosing. This leaves people open to claims by others for the "loan"

So far, MEDIA has not picked up some concepts. Concepts that there was no loan, that the "mortgage" has been paid for over and over.  Media has not covered the corruption of judges allowing massive coverup of the issues.   Media has not covered the governmental role in foreclosures much at all.

If you are headed for foreclosure, in foreclosure or already evicted get together with others and LEARN, you can do a lot. You can help others too. You can find much in messages and files on the mortgage-challenge group for yahoo.  And of course if you want to help yourself YOU need an auditor (check my referral pages) and you need Jurisdictionary: don't leave home without it. YOU TOO CAN KICK BUTT IN COURT!

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