Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Recession Still Stinging as Recovery Gains -

NOTE: This was sent to me some well respected people that indicated it was excellent article and reflective of what they see in their professional field. the full article addresses the nation as a whole, commercial and individual status of the economy.

Recession Still Stinging as Recovery Gains - "Florence, Ariz.

In 2005, Arizona ranked, as usual, second nationally in job growth behind Nevada, its economy predicated on growth. The snowbirds came and construction boomed and land stretched endless and cheap. Then it stopped.

This year, Arizona ranks 42nd in job growth. It has lost 287,000 jobs since the recession began, and the fall has been calamitous.

Renee Wheaton, 38, sits in an old golf cart on the corner of Tangerine and Barley Roads in her subdivision in the desert, an hour south of Phoenix. Her next-door neighbor, an engineer, just lost his job. The man across the street is unemployed."

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