Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Right the law - oh yea right! All 50 States Start Inquiry Into Foreclosures -

NOTE: Well tell us something new...... this is the chance for the banks to do things right from here on out. The question will be will the JUDGES UPHOLD THE LAW and return home and right the previous wrongs. IN other words they should give the homes back to those that were affected by the LIES and FRAUD.

On that note did you know that it would have cost MUCH less to simply buy up all the homes rather than pay with OUR taxdollars for the foreclosure rape that has happened across our nation. It would have stablized the markets . Instead the banks are again bailed out and SALVAGED, while the people who are economically devasted by the greed, are SAVAGED

bold is my addition.

All 50 States Start Inquiry Into Foreclosures -
"The inquiry will focus on signed affidavits that mortgage loan servicers have filed with the court without confirming their accuracy, a practice is known as robosigning. Some documents were signed outside of the presence of a notary public, as required by state law. Others were signed by employees who spend their day signing one affidavit after another, raising questions about whether they could possibly attest to knowing the facts claimed in the document.

In a news conference on Wednesday, Attorney General Tom Miller of Iowa, who is leading the joint investigation, said the inquiry wasn’t a “silver bullet” to keep delinquent homeowners in their home. Rather, he said, “this is a chance to right the law and get the process right.”"

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