Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Arizona Foreclosure Defense: Slow Road to Success

This will be short because I have to cover the Country Music Awards today for my celeb column... BUT things are looking like slow slow slow progress in the Foreclosure field and I had to take time to share. 

Given my cynicism on the ability to fight foreclosures in AZ, I am trying to decide if this is a trend OR if those in charge of the corruption in this state are throwing the homeowners bones.  OR maybe the judges are paying attention and the investigations by Goddard are helping along with the determination of the PRO SE (self representation)  litigants and the  FEW Phoenix  lawyers that know what they are doing. 

In September,  you might remember, I talked of some of the progress in being granted a jury trial and TRO. Both were won by Pro Se and Lawyers.   Last night we were told that we in the  Pro Se groups had just won a case being moved to a new venue and another is a decision that the appellate court reviewed and ruled that the party had not been served properly.   This is big as most people are not served properly in forcible detainers.  Hell, they aren't even notified properly before the trustee's sales!

 I will be writing more on this later.   If you are in the fight be looking for case histories and what works and what doesn't.  If you are fighting without a lawyer you need Jurisdictionary, Blacks Law Dictionary and PRACTICE.  Even if you ARE fighting with a lawyer you need Jurisdictionary, Blacks Law Dictionary and PRACTICE.    Hire some experts (see my referral to experts page) and get informed.  

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