Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Is Media trying to portray homeowners as Screamers? Senate Hearings disrupted

November 15, 2010 -  The Senate Banking Foreclosure Hearing was conducted today.  During the presentation by Chase CEO, David Lowman, a man started  yelling.   I can understand after having Chase deal with our  FULL sale and their inability to get a simple payoff quote within a 3 week timespan.  A sale that would have prevented our foreclosure and prevented a short sale.  I can understand the man, after watching many bank lawyer's lie in court.  Will his actions of yelling and protesting during the hearings backfire?  Watch the faces of the men as the man is making his point.

Keep in mind that of all the hearings material today, presented to the Senate, this is what they chose to be on the front page of CNN.com video selections.  When looking for Senate Hearing information on the Foreclosures/ Banking; this is the main story.

WHAT do you see?????

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