Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Where Are Our Religious Leaders? - Mandelman Matters

Mandelman yesterday had possibly the best blog post I have read in a ages! .... The subject of the post resonated soundly in my mind. I too have talked to several  answering machines (pastors live busy lives) and a secretary - explaining that we have a seminar to help their congregation with foreclosures and what options are available. NOT ONE CALL BACK. I gave up.

Click on title link below to read the entire blog post by Mandelman! There is so much more to his report than this short blog clipping can give you. I encourage you to not only read it - but PRINT IT OUT and go in and talk with your local clergy. Tell them to read especially the part at the end, where clergy talks to Tim Geptner and then goes home without offering solutions or demanding action.

WhereAre Our Religious Leaders? - Mandelman Matters: Oh this is great… I used to live in the country with the highest standard of living in the world, and now I live in one of them save-the-children-in-Bangladesh-ads that used to air all the time on late night T.V.
And here’s a real special paragraph from the ABC News story:
“This extended recession has placed people in circumstances where they need to rely on programs like this,” said Mark Nord, a researcher with the USDA’s Economic Research Service and the lead author of the food insecurity report. “I know meeting with, whether it’s government offices across the country or with food pantries and food banks — in all of those instances people have reflected the fact, to me, anecdotally that they are serving people who never envisioned in their lifetimes needing to turn to either a state or a county for federal assistance or to a food bank for assistance.” - source huffington report
"Pardon me, but we’ve got someone in this country in charge of something called a “FOOD INSECURITY REPORT?” And Dick Fuld got $500,000,000 for bankrupting Lehman Bros. Holy Mother of God.
And that brings me to the point I’m trying to get to in this article… where the heck are our religious leaders during all this? I mean, after Hurricane Katrina, there were churches popping up all over the place offering support and assistance to displaced families. So, where are they now?
I decided I had to know… so first I interviewed a pastor, then a rabbi, and then went I went looking around using Goggle… and truth be told, I didn’t find much.
Faith in Public Life, an organization that refers to itself as “A Strategy Center for the Faith Community,” issued a Press Release on November 4, 2010. In that release, Rev. Jennifer Butler, the organization’s Executive Director, was quoted as saying:"

AND I HAVE TO ADD THIS QUOTE FROM MADELMAN referencing the lack of action by religious leaders!:   " well this isn’t exactly the abortion issue, now is it? Seven million people lose homes and go hungry as a result of the acts of corrupt bankers and politicians and it’s barely worth a few trips on the train from New York to D.C." 

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