Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Romney: Accelerate foreclosures to ‘allow investors to buy up homes’ | The Raw Story

Romney: Accelerate foreclosures to ‘allow investors to buy up homes’ | The Raw Story


AFter reading the story, I was so IRATE that I wrote the following response:

Romney ! Romney, if you are reading.... .CHANGE YOUR IDIOTIC STANCE... ARe you KIDDING me, are you in a cave?????   Have you not heard of the fraud of toxic loans (targeting), the fraud of the banks in making the loans, the fraud in the foreclosure process, fraud to the homeowner, fraud to the investors, fraud to the states (no recording fees and false documents filed).  This amounts to harm to the body politic! If you know law (and you must as a leader) then you know this CANNOT result in having clear titles - that rewarding fraud is WRONG WRONG WRONG for people adn for corporations.  YOU MUST NOT FALL into this wrong thinking - Obama did not hold up foreclosures - the BANKS did because of the legal actions of 50 brave Attorney Generals who received settlements for everyone but the victims of the fraud.   With so many MILLIONS of people evicted from homes (resulting in split families, abandoned pets and JOB LOSS) many are going to read your words and ditch you as candidate.  Republicans should be on the forefront of this issue if they really believe family values and believer in returning government to the people. This attitude is CRIMINAL - it is cover-up to the CRIMES of the bank - oh well they are committing treason upon America - but who cares? CAn someone forward this to him... :) - YOU WANT YOUR NUMBERS TO GO UP - ADDRESS The FRAUD in a way no politician is willing to.... give the home back to the people and make the banks do the right legal thing - 3x the amount of damages for each fraudulent act.


My hands were a bit muddled as was my brain.   I cannot fathom how ignorant of the foreclosure fraud issues our politicians are.  CHECK the video Romney and Foreclosures

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