Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Federal Agent Misconduct in Favor of BofA and McCarthy Holthus and Levine law firm? | Livinglies's Weblog

Please take time to read this story about DARYL BLOMBERG and his visit from our Homeland Security. Although there have been questionable agents that have visited this blog - it must be 10x worse to have them visit your HOME and investigate your on bogus criminal charges.   Daryl has successfully fought foreclosure and yet he is subjected to this kind of gestapo like lawyer tricks.    I have watched this law firm that Neil Garfield mentions in court.  I watched as they denied serving a 13 year old summons  and swore that the papers were served to the defendent  - Judge bought it and evicted the guy anyway. Later the man had a heart attack - stress can kill.

I can't imagine who in their right mind thinks that these lawyers shoudl not be brought up on criminal charges if the Homeland Security agents are correct and they filed the criminal investigation based on the alleged actions of  Levine. Personally I'd like to follow the POSSIBLE money trail between Levine and the judges ---- cause it sure seems strange that these banks are allowed to continue foreclosing and get away with murder - while the rest of the country is able to get some overturning and some justice for the victims of robosigning.

Thank you Neil Garfield for this article. I know DARYL and he does not deserve this kind of treatment. Criminal  -- DARYL?  LOL it is LAUGHABLE.

update: DARYL has received notice that Mr. Lum and Mr. Hines dropped all "criminal" inquiry and investigation by Homeland Security!  

Federal Agent Misconduct in Favor of BofA and McCarthy Holthus and Levine law firm? | Livinglies's Weblog:
"his is a story about abuse of power or abuse of apparent power. The object is to cover-up crimes that remain largely undetected because the complex maze created by the “Thirteen Banks.”The stakes could not be higher. Either the current major Banks will be sustained or they will come crashing down with a feeding frenzy on a carcass of a predator that stole tens of trillions of dollars from multiple countries, hundreds of millions of people, and millions of homes across the world that should, by all accounts under the Law, still belong to the owner who was displaced by foreclosure. The banks are willing to do anything and they are paying outsize fees and other legal expenses (topping $100 Billion now)."

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