Monday, September 20, 2010

Where is Perry Mason when you need him?

Okay... so you (like me) are out of funds and  think that lawyer fees would be reasonable.  They are reasonable if you are sucessful. BUT, the problem is that while fighting foreclosure most people are bankrupt, or have no jobs and have used up savings.   So do you have 5-10K for a retainer?  

In the old days; when I watched Perry Mason, he would accept a $1.00 bill from potential client in distress and represent him/her.  Of course he had all the time in the world and never lost a case that I remember.

Today, fast foward about 60 - 70 years later and many lawyers have been burned.  Which makes it harder to take on needy clients.  Some will work pro bono but they can't take ALL pro bono cases.  We have some great lawyers here and most are doing all they can to help, while still keeping their staff, office rent and lifestyles afloat.

There are scam groups out there that will chisel 3K from people and then charge a huge fee if they win your house and they are not lawyers just people "helping".  These groups might take upwards to 50% of your home value and then tell you to refinance and pay up!    Is it any wonder that we are in the mess we are in today.  Those groups are no different than the conglomerate banks who seem to be greedy and non helpful to their customers. Foreclosing without warning while "modifing" a loan that was a toxic loan to begin with.  but I ramble on .

You can go pro, se and represent yourself, which is very hard work and takes a learning curve.  As for me, I am Pro Se while looking for a  Perry Mason type, who could smooth talk the court.  I could answer his phones and give him $1.00. Last I read about 60% of those going through a foreclosure fight are representing themselves, mostly due to funds, but some because they do not trust lawyers to fight like the homeowner does.

Enjoy this clip of the full Perry Mason theme song.

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