Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A B C's of Fighting Foreclosure Fraud

With the current GMAC debacle of foreclosure fraud hitting the news, I thought it would be good information to show what our pro se groups have been doing for months.   Many are still not in court but they have their evidence ready.... what about you? WE also file the documentation of fraud into the county recorder's office.   

For those that are not signed up to the mortgage-challenge group or the site  here is an example of some free information available by donation.  I have related blogposts:

Referrals to the examiners and experts can be found on my referrals page.  Cindy will be your best help in the notary/signature fraud that is exemplified by the GMAC debacle. 

How to go about stopping the FRAUD

Step 1; Gather the evidence.
            A}         Get Your papers in order.
                        1)         Original Loan documents from the closing.
                        2)         All documents [certified copies] from the county recorder’s office                                                   pertaining to the property.  Make copies for the exams and evidence.
            B}         Make copies available to 2 forensic examiners.  [2 witnesses]
                        1)         Have the loan documents examined.
                        2)         Have everything regarding the foreclosure examined.
                                    a)         Received in the mail.
                                    b)         From the county recorder’s office
                        3)         Have the SEC violations uncovered by the exam noted.
Step 2; Evidence the fraud with documentation.
            A}         Take to the police to file charges.  Get copies of the report.
            B}         Take the Notary fraud to the County Atty and the State Atty offices.  File charges                          against the Notaries for false documentation to get their seal revoked to help                               everyone involved with the sham.
            C}         Take to the FBI and report it there and get a copy of their report.
Step 3; File Your suit in the Superior court.

If you need more information on filing suit... join these groups, form a local support team and learn or hire a lawyer. Research carefully and get practice practice practice.

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